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. tonight, the fast and furious reaction in washington one of the healthcare laws very principal architects al but admitting it. >> i think we know at it going be messy. things will come up that are unanticipated. >> neil: you think it created a fire storm, you should see what happened when the g.o.p. piles on jeff. [sirens] >> neil: nurse, nurse, paddle. stat. this healthcare thing, fading fast? >> neil: welcome, glad to have you. i'm neil could suit few. ten months before the president's healthcare law kicks in, here's what happens when one of its chief architects messes up. congress just blows up. >> i think they loaded all the sweeteners before the election, now all the real work is being done after it. and they did leave -- didn't leave themselves enough time. >> neil: he is not alone. mitch mcconnell telling us moments ago, i quote, messy bill that they didn't read and nearly 20,000 pages of new regulations leading to a messy result. florida senator marco rubio saying, as the ramifications apply, we're going to see how truly messy and disastrous this program will be for americans. so
'm been very busy watching march madness and getting ready cavuto. >> happy birthday! yeah. healthcare, three years young today. remember that? remember the excitement? remember nancy pelosi walking with that giant gavel to pass this law she said we'd have to find the details once it was approved. three years later we found out. we're getting slammed. >> welcome everybody. i'm cavuto? how you neil because when nance sis i blowing out the candles today -- >> below wellness, prevention, no denial for preexisting conditions no lifetime limits on care. >> neil: what will be a pretty tough law. after you blow out the candles you're the one who is going to get burned, especially when you go into the not so pretty little surprises emerging. she has had this from the very beginning. the only person in the country who has read and it understands it. >> i read so it you don't have to neil. >> actually i did read it, but you actually understood it. but here's what you were telling me then and what we were fearing there the goodies were loaded up front. coverage for preexisting conditions, getting
could more than double. that's if the new healthcare law kicks in. we told you this would be a mess and now we're going to make you sick when we show you how much. >>> the next time someone tells you inflation is not a problem. grab ahold of your new healthcare premiums' shove it in their face. might make them sick. health insurance premiums are about to double, on top of increases that have become the norm. michael tapper says it's hitting hard and fast. and it's going to keep hitting? >> that's right. we saw about 11 to 18% increases last year. and now insurance companies are predicting even bigger increases for the coming years. >> neil:art of this is simply coming out of the recession. during the recession premiums were kept artificially low. you see part of that from that. part is also due to the patient protection and affordable care act, obamacare, that increased the number of benefits covered by small group and individual plans and going to provide more comprehensive insurance. that's more expensive. >> neil: i guess this shouldn't surprise me but you make a lot of promises
and local government have absolutely been desmated by rising healthcare costs, rising pension benefits they're paying out to retirees. this is the last strom they're paying what is left for snow removal, and they may have to ask for more money. the only silver lininges it forces families to stay home. have that dinner table conversation they might rather not have. they're all stuck in a dark room and can't use electronics. so there's so positives. >> neil: there is that. i'm wondering, this whole first quarter of the year has been buffetted by one storm after another and i'm wondering how it's going to affect the overall economy in terms of gdp and big data we get. will it be slower or is the boom you generally get after something like this make up for it? >> well, again, we still have the head wind from the rise in the payroll tax, which is absolutely affecting consumers. also, gdp will be faked. corporate earnings will be affected be the rising dollar and slow european recovery, if there is a recovery. and when we look at the storms, many in the northeast have fallen othe weekends, the ti
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, they'll reduce healthcare cost for the company. >> we're assuming everyone who is not going to do it is fat. what if it's a thin person, out of principle, i'm not going to hop on the scale. >> it's not just weight, it's glucose. >> start with the obvious. you're not getting on the scale, chances are they think you're fat and you're afraid of being exposed. if you're fat, it's probably obvious. >> do you have to hop on scale? >> understood. i always say, i'm an athlete, but people don't -- >> big bones don't jiggle, i've been told. >> neil: well, guests like you don't return, i've been told. your point is that this -- when did you see this get creepy? >> several things, if you're not tobacco-free you have to go into a smoking program and learn about the harm of smoking. it's your glucose, are they going to have access to what is in your blood, the medication you take, oxycontin or if you're smoking marijuana but there's no -- >> when they try to get glucose levels does the other stuff come up? >> no, it's not that broad-based. they're going for wellness and the benefits. >> neil: w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6